07.22 ~ 08.29

“AI is the new black”

As in many other companies and organizations, NAVER and LINE are also actively
researching and developing AI-related technologies.

Against this backdrop, we proudly host AI RUSH 2019,
a development event that welcomes engineers from around the world
to explore AI-related technologies together.

We hope that the event will serve as a place for AI engineers to
connect as well as help promote AI development.

Let's all unite in Asia and shake things up in the AI world!

AI RUSH 2019 is a development competition for engineers to show
their skills in AI-related technologies as individuals or in teams of up to three people.
After an online elimination round, the top 30 contestants will compete in the final round wherein everyone will
gather for a week-long hackathon to determine the winner following a one-month online battle.

*NAVER's cloud machine learning platform "NSML" will be used for the competition.
*Technical support concerning NSML will be provided in English only.


  1. ~07.2215:00 (GMT+9)

    Application Deadline

  2. 07.24

    Announcement of

  3. 08.05~
    08.1315:00 (GMT+9)

    Elimination round

  4. 08.13

    Announcement of

  5. 08.19~

    Final round

  6. 08.27~

    Final round
    (offline hackthon)

Please note that a part of the schedule has been changed.


Total cash prize : USD 15,000

1st Place : USD 10,000   2nd Place : USD 3,000   3rd Place : USD 2,000


Elimination round

Number of teams : 100

*Invitations distributed only to participants if more than 100 teams apply

Topic : Image classification

Final round

Number of teams : 30

Topic : Click-through rate (CTR) prediction

*Winner determined based on combined number of points earned in elimination and final round


Anyone interested in AI-related technologies is eligible to participate.

Application deadline : 3:00 pm on July 22, 2019 (GMT+9)
Participants may apply as individuals or in teams of up to three people.

Participants will be notified individually regarding the results of the elimination round.

Registration Closed

Participation Agreement


Click here to track contestant rank in real-time
during the elimination and final rounds.

NSML Leaderboard


  • Are there participation requirements?

    The contest is open to anyone interested in AI development, who has sufficient English communication skills, and is able to take part in the final hackathon.

  • I don't have any special development skills or coding experience. Can I still join?

    Yes, although taking part may be difficult without basic programming knowledge.

  • Is it possible to switch team members after registration?

    No, teams may not switch or add new members after registration. The same rule applies even if a registered member becomes unavailable.

  • Where will the final round (offline hackathon) take place?

    The final round (offline hackathon) will be held at the Naver Connect One institute in Chuncheon, Korea. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the organizers. (See the Participation Agreement for more details).

  • When will the final round (offline hackathon) take place?

    The final round (offline hackathon) will be from August 27 to 29, 2019. The last day will include an awards ceremony and after-party. Participants traveling from overseas should expect to arrive on August 26 and depart on August 29.

  • What is NSML?

    NSML is NAVER's cloud machine learning platform. It enables cloud resourcing using CLI, web, and other interfaces. It supports most Python-based machine learning libraries including TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch. Its GPU is the Tesla P40.

  • How do I receive technical support for NSML?

    GitHub Support will be used to answer questions and other inquiries. Please note that support will be provided in English only.

  • Is the cash prize awarded in any currency besides USD?

    No, the cash reward will only be provided in USD.

  • When do winners receive their cash prize?

    Prizes will be offered by bank transfer once winners provide the necessary bank account details after the event.

AI RUSH 2019