Term of Participation

AI RUSH 2019 [Terms of Participation]

These Terms of Participation (these “Terms”) provide for the terms and conditions for participation in the AI RUSH 2019 (the “Event”) held by LINE Corporation, NAVER Corporation, LINE Plus Corporation, and LINE Taiwan Limited (collectively, the “Organizers”), between the participants of the Event (“Participants”) and the Organizers.

1.	Outline of the Event

(1)	Schedule:	Elimination round       August 05~13, 2019
			 Final round (online)    August 19~26, 2019
			Final round (offline)    August 27~29, 2019

(2)	Final round (offline) venue:  “Connect One”
(Address: 1154-77, Sunhwan-daero, Dong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea)

*	Since the final round (offline) is to be held in Korea, the Participants are requested to acquire passports and visas or to confirm the expiration dates thereof in advance.  The Organizers shall not bear any responsibility if any Participant without a passport or visa is unable to participate in the final round (offline).

(3)	Participation fee:  Free

*	The Participants reside in Korea shall bear their own expenses for transportation. The Organizers shall bear the transportation expenses, including airfares to and from the venue of the final round (offline), and prepare air tickets for the Participants (except for the Participants reside in Korea); provided, however, that, in the case of Participants residing in any country other than Japan or Taiwan, the Organizers shall only bear the actual airfare up to US$500 per person (details will be notified to those Participants who pass the elimination round.).  During the period of the final round (offline), the Participants will be provided with accommodation connected to Connect One, the venue of the final round, and no accommodation expense will occur.

*	Any other necessary expenses except for the transportation and accommodation expenses during the final round (offline) shall be borne by the Participants.

(4)	Prize Money: US$15,000 in total

2.	Qualification for Participation

2.1	Those individuals and groups of individuals who agree to these Terms and satisfy all of the following conditions (regardless of age, nationality, or place of residence) may apply for the Event.  Any minor who desires to participate in the Event is requested to obtain the consent of his/her statutory agent such as guardian in advance.

(1)	The Participant must be able to communicate with the Organizers and the other Participants in English; and

(2)	The Participant must be available through the schedule of the Event.

2.2	A team must be composed of one (1) to three (3) persons.

2.3	Participants are not permitted to join another team after the Event has started or to apply for the Event as a member of multiple teams. In addition, no change or addition of Participants is admitted for any reason whatsoever from the application through the final round (offline).  In the event of any violation of the above, entry qualification may be revoked.

2.4	When multiple Participants apply for the Event, such Participants shall appoint a representative and such representative shall take the procedures to apply for the Event after obtaining the consent of all of the Participants to these Terms.

2.5	Corporations may not apply for the Event.

2.6	Employees belonging to any of the Organizers are not allowed to apply for the Event.

3.	Cancellation of Qualification for Participation
The Organizers may refuse to admit any Participant who falls under any of the following, even after the Participants are determined:

(1)	Any Participant who made a false declaration or did not make a requested declaration when applying for the Event;

(2)	Any Participant who conducts, or is likely to conduct, any behavior that causes annoyance to the Organizers or the other Participants, or any act preventing the smooth operation of the Event;

(3)	Any Participant who conducts, or is likely to conduct, any behavior that impairs the honor or credibility of the Organizers, the other Participants, or the Event;

(4)	Any Participant who fails to take the prescribed procedures within the period notified by the Organizers;

(5)	Any Participant who does not comply with the participation method indicated by the Organizers; or

(6)	Any Participant who is otherwise in violation of these Terms.

4.	Examination; Payment of Prize Money

4.1	Those Participants who proceed to the final round and become a winner in the Event (“Prize Winners”) may receive the prize money in a manner notified by the Organizers at the time when they become prize winners.  Bank transfer charges for transfer of the prize money shall be borne by the Organizers.

4.2	When the Prize Winners are requested by the Organizers to submit information required for payment of the Prize Money prescribed by the Organizers (the “Requested Information”), the Prize Winner shall promptly provide the Requested Information to the Organizers.  If any Prize Winner fails to provide all of the Requested Information to the Organizers within two (2) weeks from the date on which the Organizers requested the provision of the Requested Information, such Prize Winner shall be deemed to have abandoned the right to receive the Prize Money.

4.3	The name of the account holder of the bank account to which the Prize Money will be transferred must be the account in the name of the Participant registered for participating in the Event.

4.4	If any tax, such as withholding tax, is imposed on the Prize Money pursuant to laws, regulations and treaties when making payment of the Prize Money to the Prize Winners, the Organizers shall pay the amount remaining after deducting the amount of such tax from the Prize Money.

4.5	In the case that the Organizers have duly taken the remittance procedures in accordance with the information received from the Prize Winner, but the Prize Winner is unable to receive all or part of the Prize Money (including any and all cases such as an error in information, bank system failure, the Participant being subject to economic sanctions, etc.), the Organizers’ obligation to pay the Prize Money shall lapse.

4.6	If there is a risk of any Participant being in violation of these Terms, the Organizers may withhold the payment of the Prize Money to such Participant.  When the Organizers found the fact of violation of these Terms, the Organizers may refuse to pay the Prize Money or request such Participant to return the Prize Money already paid.

4.7	When a team consisting of multiple Participants is awarded a prize, the Organizers shall take procedures, such as giving notice of the award and payment of the Prize Money, only with the Participant who is representing such team, and shall not be involved in or liable for the distribution of the Prize Money among the multiple Participants.

4.8	In the event of: the Participant being in violation of these Terms, or the laws or regulations;  any act that the Organizers deem wrongful such as participation through an unauthorized account (spoofing, mischief, etc.) being discovered; the Participant not following the Organizers’ instructions; or the Participant not responding to a request of the Organizers within one (1) week (including any and all cases such as the case where there is any input error in the e-mail address registered by the Participant and the Organizers tried to contact the Participant through such incorrect e-mail address), the Organizers may invalidate or cancel the right to participate in the Event or win a prize.

4.9	The Prize Winners may not transfer the right to win a prize in the Event (including any right related to the Prize Money acquired as a result of winning a prize) to another person.

4.10	The Event, including the final round, may be introduced by live delivery, archive delivery, the Organizers’ official accounts, blogs, social media, and other media, or may be published or used on various types of media, including the Internet, by the Organizers and any third party specified by the Organizers.  Please note that the name, group name, and portrait of the Participants may be included in the video and photos in such event.

5.	Available Environment and Materials

5.1	The Participants may use the data, network environment, software, content network environment, API and others provided by the Organizers (collectively, the “Provided Materials”) in a manner designated by the Organizers.

5.2	Any and all intellectual property rights in the Provided Materials, such as ownership and copyrights (including the rights provided for in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act in Japan and other rights), patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, and other rights (collectively, “Intellectual Property Rights”) shall belong to the Organizers, and the Participants may not use the Provided Materials for any purpose other than the use in the Event.

5.3	The Participants shall prepare the personal computer to be used in the Event by themselves, and may bring in and use their own materials, such as data, software, contents, etc., other than those provided by the Organizers, within the scope provided by the Organizers; provided, however, that the Participants shall provide their assurance that the materials prepared by the Participants do not infringe on any intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party and, if any claim or dispute occurs between any of the Participants and a third party concerning the right to use such materials, the Participant shall settle such claim or dispute at its responsibility.

6.	Ownership and Use of Deliverables

6.1	The ownership and intellectual property rights in and to all deliverables (including the ideas and know-how related to deliverables) created or developed by any Participant in the Event (the “Deliverables”) shall belong to such Participant.  The Organizers respect those rights.

6.2	The Participants shall grant the Organizers etc. an license to use the Deliverables for any and all activities related to the Event (including the right to sublicense the same within the scope required for such purposes).  In addition, the Participants shall not exercise their moral rights in relation to the use of the Deliverables by the Organizers etc. or by any third party granted the right to do so by the Organizers etc. (including processing and modification for use) pursuant to this Paragraph 6.2.

6.3	The Deliverables shall not slander or libel others, overly advertise or praise a specific group, religion or philosophy, engage in obscene conduct, promote illegal or antisocial acts, violate laws or regulations, infringe on rights such as intellectual property rights of a third party, or activate computer viruses or malicious programs or cause any third party to use the same.

6.4	If there is any claim from a third party concerning the Deliverables, such as assertion of rights, objection, complaint, claim for damages or others (collectively referred to as a “Claim” in this paragraph), the Participant who created such Deliverables shall settle such Claim at its cost and responsibility, and the Organizers shall not bear such cost or liability.  The Participant shall provide compensation to the Organizers for any costs incurred to the Organizers in relation to the processing and handling of such Claim (including attorneys’ fees).

7.	Confidential Information

7.1	The Participants shall, whether before or after the termination of the Event, handle any information that the Organizers etc. indicate as “Confidential” in the Event (including, without limitation, information concerning the Provided Materials, inventions, ideas, designs, works, and ideas and knowhow related to the Deliverables) in accordance with the instructions of Organizers etc., regardless of the manner of disclosure of such information.

7.2	Each of the Participants shall pay attention to not provide any information for which such Participant would like to maintain the confidentiality.

7.3	No Participant shall infringe upon the copyrights or other Intellectual Property Rights of the other Participants, or defame or infringe upon the privacy or other rights of the Organizers or the other Participants etc., or conduct any other illegal or unjust act.

8.	Disclaimer

8.1	The Organizers etc. shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Participants arising from the Event.

8.2	The Organizers shall not be involved in any dispute between the Participants (including any dispute between or among the Participant teams in the case of team participants) or between the Participants and a third party, and the Participants shall settle such disputes at their own responsibility and expense.

9.	Responsibility of Participants

9.1	The Participants shall participate in the Event at their own responsibility and shall be liable for any and all acts conducted at the Event and the results thereof.

9.2	In the event that the Organizers etc. suffer direct or indirect damage due to any Participant having participated in the Event (including the case where the Organizers etc. receive a complaint from a third party due to the use of any entry work) and suffering any direct or indirect damage (including attorneys’ fees), such Participant must immediately provide compensation to the Organizers for such damage upon the Organizers’ request.

10.	Handling of Personal Information

10.1	The Organizers shall respect the privacy of the Participants.

10.2	The Organizers will use the personal information obtained from the Participants at the time of entry to the Event for the purpose of communications concerning the Event, examination, smooth operation of the Event, procedures required for the Event, and notification of any other events and seminars held by each of the companies forming the Organizers.  The Organizers will collect information required for arranging air tickets from the Participants who are to participate in the final round.  The Organizers will also collect information from the Prize Winners for the purpose of paying the Prize Money.
In addition, personal information obtained by each of the member companies forming the Organizers shall be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of each such company, as listed below:

LINE Corporation	https://linecorp.com/ja/legal/privacy
NAVER Corporation	https://www.navercorp.com/policy/person
LINE Plus Corporation	https://linepluscorp.com/legal/privacy_v123
LINE Taiwan Limited  https://terms.line.me/line_tw_privacy_policy?lang=zh-Hant

10.3	In order to safely manage the personal information collected from the Participants, the Organizers shall pay extreme caution regarding security.

10.4	The Organizers shall keep any personal information received from the Participants for three (3) months after the end of the Event.

11.	Cancellation of the Event

If cancellation of the Event is unavoidable for operational reasons, the Organizers may cancel, interrupt, or change the details of the Event without giving prior notice to the Participants.  In such event, the Organizers shall not be liable for any and all costs incurred to the Participants, including preparation expenses.

12.	Changes to these Terms

12.1	The Organizers may change these Terms without giving prior notice to the Participants.

12.2	When the Organizers change these Terms pursuant to the preceding Paragraph, the Participants shall be deemed to have agreed to such change if they continue to participate in the Event (including the case where the Participants have participated and continue to participate in the Event) and such post-change Terms shall apply to the Participants.

12.3	Details of the Event and the Prize Money may be changed or discontinued without giving prior notice.

13.	Method of Notification
	When the Organizers give notice required for the operation of the Event to the Participants, the Organizers shall post such notice at a proper place on the website operated by the Organizers, or send the same to the Participant’s account or e-mail address registered in such account.

14.	Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

14.1	Each Participant hereby represents and warrants that he/she is not, and will not become, an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, an associate member of an organized crime group, an organized crime group related company, a corporate extortionist, a socially-condemned racketeering organization, a politically branded racketeering organization, a special intellectual violent organization, or a person having a close relation with an organized crime group or any other person or organization equivalent thereto (collectively, “Anti-Social Forces”).

14.2	Each Participant represents and warrants that he/she will not directly or indirectly engage in any of the following acts:

(1)	An act of making violent demands;

(2)	An act of making unreasonable demands going beyond legal responsibility;

(3)	An act of using intimidation or violence in relation to transactions (including, without limitation, an act of stating that the Participant is an Anti-Social Force);

(4)	An act of impairing the credibility of the Organizers or interfering with the Organizers’ business by disseminating rumors, using fraudulent means, or using force; or

(5)	Any other acts equivalent to the above.

14.3	If it is found that any Participant is in violation of the representation or promises in the preceding two Paragraphs, the Organizers may invalidate or cancel his/her right to participate in the Event and receive a prize, refuse to pay the Prize Money, or request him/her to return the Prize Money already paid.  Even if the relevant Participant suffers any damage resulting from such measures, the Organizers shall not be liable to said Participant.

15.	Severability

	Even if any part of these Terms is determined to be invalid by laws or regulations, the remaining part hereof shall continue to be effective.  The part determined to be invalid shall be amended within the minimum extent necessary to be effective and the Terms shall be interpreted so that the intended legal and economic effect shall be secured as much as possible.

16.	Standard Time

	The dates and times used for the Event shall be Japan Standard Time, unless otherwise specified.

17.	Governing Law and Jurisdiction

	These Terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and any dispute which may arise between the Participants and the Organizers shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

개인정보 수집 및 이용에 대한 동의

For KR attendees only

AI RUSH 2019는 LINE Corporation, NAVER Corporation, LINE Plus Corporation, LINE Taiwan Limited 가 공동으로 개최하고 운영할 예정입니다. 참가자의 소중한 개인정보는 AI RUSH 2019의 효율적인 운영과 평가를 위해 4개사가 공동으로 수집, 이용할 예정입니다.

- 수집하는 개인정보의 항목 : (필수 항목) 이름, 나이, 이메일주소, 거주국가, (선택 항목) SNS URL
- 개인정보의 수집 및 이용목적 : 행사에 관련된 연락 및 심사, 이벤트의 원활한 운영, 우수 참가자에 대한 채용기회 부여
- 개인정보의 보유 및 이용기간 : 2019년 11월 30일(행사종료 후 약 3개월)까지 보관후 파기

참가 지원자는 위 개인정보의 수집 및 이용 동의를 거부 할 권리가 있으나, 동의 거부시 행사 및 이벤트 참가 신청이 불가능합니다.

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